Sunday, September 16, 2007

Googlepedia Second Edition Now Shipping!

Just published: The new second edition of Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource. This new edition is updated with everything new at Google in the past year, including YouTube, Blogger, Google Reader, Google Maps, and the like. The new edition is a big honkin' 822 pp. long, and sells for $34.99. Look for it at a bookstore near you, or read more (and order it) online: Googlepedia web page.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Miller does "Googlepedia" include everything that is covered in your electronic book "Blogging with the new Google Blogger" the 2007 edition?
If much more Google tools help, I would purchase it.

Michael Miller said...

Yes, Googlepedia includes a chapter on the new Blogger that includes and expands upon the information in the Blogger electronic book.