Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Google Video Refund Update

When Google decided to close down the Google Video Store, which lets you buy and rent videos, it initially said it would close down access to purchased videos almost immediately and refund users' purchases via a Google Checkout credit. Users balked at this; they wanted continued access to the videos they'd bought, and thought the Google Checkout credit was a blatant promo for Google's own payment service. Google has responded to the complaints by (1) Extending access to purchased videos for the next six months (2) Refuding all user purchases, from day one, to their credit cards, and (3) Keeping the Google Checkout credit as a kind of "we're sorry" bonus to users. That's a fast and above-the-call-of-duty response to user complaints, and shows a very customer-focused attitude on the part of Google management. Good decision!

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