Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Google Page Creator Features

One of the least-known of Google's offerings is Google Page Creator. This is a web page creation tool and hosting community. You use Google Page Creator to create your web pages (no HTML required) and then host those pages, for free, on Google's site. Now Google Page Creator features an image editor for all the pictures you want to post, as well as the ability to create up to three different sites, each with its own *.googlepages.com URL. In addition, all pages you create with Google Page Creator are now automatically converted for mobile use, so they'll be viewable from any mobile phone. It's a great alternative to GeoCities, AngelFire, and similar web hosting sites -- and, as with all things Google, it's completely free!

1 comment:

KreAttor said...

GooglePages are really a new gift to this Web from Google Labs. I always look for new technologies and arrivals from Google. Google is treansetter to me.
Well, I am setting my personal freelance studio for artwork on googlepages, but got much difficulty in finding some way from google to integrate my Blogger blogs to Googlepages, but not successful. I though think, it is something AJAX API from Google that would do the trick. Anyway, Labs guys must hae consideed and working in the way to integrate its all free services into each other....